Our Mission

To advocate and create an inclusive community for our keiki by empowering parents and educating local stakeholders.


We Stand Together For Our Keiki (Children)

We believe our keiki have a right to

- a bright, happy, and independent future

- access medically-necessary ABA services during the school day

- comprehensive assessments by qualified personnel  in the school setting

We believe our parents have a right to

- understand your legal rights

- have your voice heard

- feel supported at meetings

- access competently trained and qualified professionals

We believe our teachers have a right to

- feel safe and supported at work

- have their voices heard and their needs addressed

- collaborate and receive support from qualified personnel

Know Your Rights

According to Hawai'i State law (Act 199, Act 107; Chapter 465-D), Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA) must typically be completed by a Hawai'i Licensed Behavior Analyst (LBAs). In rare circumstances, a licensed clinical psychologist may also be able to conduct this assessment (if they have ABA in their scope of practice and training). If your keiki has a behavior support plan (BSP), they should also have a Licensed Behavior Analyst (LBA) on their team (at the very least during the assessment phase). Our keiki in the DOE are being denied access to Licensed Behavior Analysts (LBAs). This is in direct violation of our Hawai'i ABA Licensure law, Federal FAPE, I.D.E.A., and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).